Paris Liakos
Paris Liakos
Founder - Head Architect

Paris Liakos graduated in architecture from National Technical University of Athens in 1972, and in the early years of his architectural career he participated and won in more than 15 architectural competitions.

In 1981, Paris Liakos founded the studio and a year later, he was awarded the Applied Architecture for Environmental Integration prize for placing a hotel complex into an old quarry in Mykonos. Through developing the client and project base, and expanding into new sectors, he has grown and established the studio into a leading force in the hotel design market.

Paris Liakos takes a strategic overview of each project from conception to construction and has a special interest in key projects where his wealth of experience and clear design philosophy are invaluable. He has overseen a diverse range of projects and his approach is directed to a site-specific response developed from an informed, intuitive standpoint. Each project is established through a rigorous and enduring response to the natural landscape.

In 2007 he decided to create his own hotel and chose Mykonos to realize his lifelong dream. Indeed, one year later a newly renovated Cavo Tagoo Mykonos opened its gates. At this point, the hotel had about 75 rooms, while today it possesses more than 100 rooms. The reason is perfectionism, which has led to numerous more renovations. Every summer that he passed in Mykonos, relaxing in front of the sunset, he would redesign the features that did not satisfy him. The outcome is now one of the most beautiful award-winning hotels in the world, with countless mentions and unimaginable brand awareness.

A few years later, he expanded the brand family, with Cavo Tagoo Santorini, which is a marvellous cosy hotel in Imerovigli with a stunning view of Santorini’s Caldera. The valuable knowledge that he has acquired from his own hotels is indispensable in enriching his designing views by developing a 360-degree understanding of the hotel’s operation. In this way, designing a hotel has become not just inspiration, but also a process of creating a hospitality mechanism of the highest standards.

As a believer in new, innovative and dynamic teams, Paris Liakos gladly shares his knowledge and expertise in Architecture with every partner, internal or external. His focus for L.A. Architects is to continually drive excellence in client service through quality design, commercial focus and efficient delivery. One of his main concerns is to actively maximize the added value of the project and realise the vision of the client through designing.