Vaggelis Agatsas
Vaggelis Agatsas

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, since 1994 he discovers every day something new. Curious, impatient and extrovert are characteristics that keep a mind always busy. Growing up wandering around Athens and Greece, exploring their hidden spots and peculiarities, he fell in love with the unexpected and took the greatest lesson: searching the authentic and unprecedented, looking behind the glass of ephemeral observation.

In-between architecture, theory, music and science, he seeks for the origin will explain another part of life and will be the next subject of discussion. Completed studies in University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture Engineering, his journey is always about the meaning in designing. Alongside, his eternal concern about music and theater, led him to watch and be part of several amateur and professional productions, giving him new perspectives and fresh stories to tell.

Being part of the LAA team for the last six years, he took part in many and different projects in various scales, from conceptual thinking to detailing design and construction. Planning tomorrow by regaining yesterday and living the present – question every fact, visualize new dynamics, aim for the best.

“Beyond the fiction of reality there is the reality of fiction.” Zizek Slavoj