Belvedere Hotel Mykonos

  • Size\ 21 rooms
  • Amenities\ restaurants, bars, Pools, Fitness room, Spa
  • SERVICES PROVIDED\ Architecture, Landscape and Master planning
  • SCOPE\ New built
  • STATUS\ Completed
  • OPERATOR\ Private

The Belvedere Hotel is located downtown Mykonos, rooted in the old traditional Cycladic architecture. Elegantly shifting through the decades, it brings back to life the forgotten lifestyle of the local population that used to live literally one on top of the other, in order to support their fellow community.

Designed on the principle of a Cycladic neighbourhood, the Belvedere Hotel is a sun- bleached labyrinth of hanging balconies, stone-paved paths and wellness hideaways that inspire a deep sense of relaxation. In the center of the hotel complex exists the main pool and the restaurant, framed by the room buildings on which, through the gardens, vibrant flowers climb up giving a unique touch in this picture of serenity.

Despite the fact that the hotel has been undertaken a lot of renovations, the built environment has been largely preserved in its original form, which was designed back in the 90s.