Lichnos Beach Hotel Parga

  • Size\ 88 guestrooms
  • Amenities\ 2 restaurants, bar and beach bar.
  • Services Provided\ Architecture, Landscape, Interior
  • Scope\ Renovation
  • Status\ Completed
  • Operator\ Lichnos Beach S.A.

In 2010 Liakos and Associate Architects was appointed to renovate Lichnos Beach Hotel, in Parga. The hotel complex is delicately set on a cliff ordering the sea. Concept design, for redevelopment of the existing outdated hotel, was breaking the solid forms of the buildings with pergolas and terraces, so as to blend them with the natural landscape and create a strongly regional atmosphere. For the interiors, contemporary furniture in clear lines , natural color pallets and materials were chosen to enhance the warmth of the hospitality, and exceed leisure experience.